Thursday, 24 May 2012

Food Photography Excercise: Aperture and DoF

This is an awesome photography exercise series started by Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen. I'm glad that I found it on time through Spicy Chilly. I've mentioned that my husband gifted me a SLR: Nikon D90 at a point where I was not ready for one. It has been a real tug of war in my head while using the camera. For the first few months it felt like a task to take pictures. I kind of reached a phase where I just didn't wanna use it. It would have been easier to use it like any other camera in auto mode but as far as I have read, it was kind of useless having an SLR and not exploring other options, so I started with manual mode coz I knew if I start with auto I will never learn. I've had and still get those completely dark or white pictures.

I've stuck to my rule of shooting in manual mode and never really used auto mode (ok may be once or twice in a hurry). Now I feel so comfortable with words like DoF, aperture and shutter speed, they don't scare me anymore; guess I've come a long way. Though I still love my Point and Shoot, I'm just starting to like my SLR. I hope these exercises would make me fall in love with photography somehow. I love photographs- I can spend hours devouring beautiful pictures taken by others but to take one on my own, I can find a hundred excuses not to. I'm getting over this phobia or whatever it is, one step at a time and this exercise is one of those little steps.

This is my entry for the exercise series. Truth is I didn't like both the pictures. I would have preferred it at f/3.2 or f/4, well I didn't take a picture at that aperture but that's my assumption. If I had to choose from both I'd choose the second one.

Details of the pictures below

Left :   Aperture: f/2       Shutter speed: 1/400 sec   ISO: 400
Right : Aperture:  f/ 5.6  Shutter speed: 1/40 sec     ISO: 400

I take pictures in an open Veranda just outside my kitchen. I used a tripod and the lens is Nikor 50mm f/1.8. I do not know much about photography, just understanding the technical terms feels like a huge achievement right now. So I'd suggest that you hop over to Aparnas's blog and she has some really good information to help the beginners.

I hope to get some valuable feedback so I can do better next time. :)

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