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I've been a natural at recycling, My mother always recycled everything, I grew up seeing that. Its only in the past few years recycling has become such a hype as people started worry about the effects on the environment. I too am concerned about the environment, but I recycle coz I just don't know how to throw things away just like that. Ranjit, my husband finds it annoying at times that instead of getting rid of the clutter I keep saving up all the boxes n junk. And when I reuse them, I make sure I let him know that I found use for it.

Since its more like a way of life. I wouldn't really realize that I'm recycling. But when ever someone points out its good work, I love to show off. Well, I hope you can use these ideas too. 


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  1. Hey Real interesting blog! I've never seen a bonsai enthusiast :) Good to have known one now. I like crochet too.. but not much of an expert. Just learning.


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