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Bliss of Ignorance or Ignoring to be Blissful?

My oxygen deprived brain (I've been having breathing trouble for a while now) has been haunted by many questions over the last few weeks, which can be summed up with this big question.  

"Have I been basking in the Bliss of Ignorance or have I been Ignoring Facts just to be Blissful?"

I wonder, what is the cause of this sudden surge of consciousness? Maybe it's the lack of oxygen, did you know? - The Sannyasi's (the real ones) go up in the Himalayas to meditate because the lack of oxygen at high altitude slows down the brain- easy way to meditate :). Most likely, I'm just exaggerating the situation to be death bed like and trying to be all goody-goody.

When I wrote the words " I hope to stay unsettled in the coming year too. :)"  in the post 2011- The year that was, I meant I want to continue travelling and not settle down for the routine life at home. I didn't realize unsettled was too vague a message to give out to the Universe. The Universe, as it always has answered my prayers, promptly answered this one too... I have been unsettled mentally, physically and emotionally since the beginning of 2012.

(Note to self: Please be specific about your hopes, especially when it is a hope for the whole year.)

The plans I had for the first quarter of the year is down the drain. Apparently going with the flow seems easier, when things just flow in the direction you want them to. It took me a few days to come to terms with it but as I went ahead accepting what I cannot change, I came face to face with things that I can but I have not changed.

The tag line of my blog says it all- "A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions." Mind has been stretched but my actions haven't stretched enough to fit in the learning experience in my daily life. I was partly ignorant and partly ignoring the whole issue.

It is easier to ignore than to take action. Ego is good at ignoring coz it's lazy and doesn't really want to take the trouble of being good to others, all it cares is to feed itself but my conscience is a really smart, persistent, and has a few tricks up its sleeve to outdo the ego. I go crazy, with sleepless nights during the war between the two.

One of the things that triggered the war is the article from Tounge Ticklers- Why Vegan?
Please take time to read the article.

The reasons that lead me to the above mentioned article was the havoc that dairy products were causing to my health. I have felt that dairy is not good for me but I've been conditioned to believe that "milk is the complete food." Over the past few years, precisely after finding out that I'm genetically prone to arthritis; I increased my consumption of milk and milk products to get enough calcium for my bones from natural sources than popping a calcium pill.

A week without dairy products helped me confirm that dairy is not good for me, which was later confirmed by my doctor, who advised me to avoid all dairy except Ghee. I'm taking Ayurvedic treatment for Esnophilia and Ghee is a great part of Ayurveda. So I'm no Vegan yet but I'm on the verge of turning Vegan.
Image Courtesy: www.
The very first limb of Ashtanga Yoga, Yamas (restraints) of which the first is Ahimsa (non- violence), which is always quoted to substantiate that Yogic diet should be Vegetarian. Reading the article, from Tounge Ticklers, made me realize, just being vegetarian is not completely following Ahimsa. (There are other aspects of Ahimsa which I do not intend to discuss in this post).

Busy bees at work Image via: Health benefits of honey
Vegetarianism includes consuming animal products, which doesn't include killing the animal but doesn't count the inconveniences caused to the animal. I had never given it a thought before - the spoon of honey that I add in my green tea every morning was actually food the bees had collected for themselves, only to get chased out of their homes losing all the hard earned honey. I can't get myself to buy honey anymore. That is just one example but you can imagine how inconvenient and troublesome the experience will be for the animals from which all products are taken.

After I chose to give up all animal products to live a healthier and compassionate life. I had been bothered by the fact - Aren't plants getting hurt. Eating fruits is kind of different but eating whole leaf plants like spinach and methi is like killing the whole plant. Waiting for the fruit to fall to have my meal is something I'm not ready for yet.

Image via: Very Demotivational
I comfort myself by the Food chain we were taught in school. Humans are meant to be Herbivores. 

Well, it is just the beginning, being a vegetarian was a challenge enough amongst my non-vegetarian family and friends, who hoped that someday I might go back to being non-vegetarian. My husband almost begged me not to go vegan as he will find it hard to buy me anything to eat at all and he also fears that I will stop baking cakes. Baking is going to be a challenge but I'm sure I'll love experimenting trying to find new stuff that works.

Choosing not to eat any animal products also means more cooking at home, less processed food as everything contains at least some amount of dairy products. No more chocolates and cheese. I am yet to find products marked Vegan in the stores here but it is good to know that they do manufacture Vegan chocolates and cheese. :)

If my mother reads this she is gonna say "this is her new found craziness". The rest of the family will agree to her. At times like this I'm grateful for the internet... I know that I'm not the only one who is crazy. :D

This post is just a lot of gibberish coming out of my head. If you need facts to argue on, please read the links below.
Milk, a catch 22
Dangers Of Milk And Dairy Products - The Facts
Humans are naturally plant-eaters
Why Humans are primarily plant eaters by design?
Aqua farming
Factory Farming Cruelty to animals 

Now,  if you are willing to do something about the above. Check out these links. 
Indian Vegan
Sharan India
Vegan Health 
The Vegan Society
Peta India

I would really love to know your thoughts on Veganism, Dairy Products etc .Feel free to leave a comment.

 Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable. ~John F. Kennedy

PS: I started the post with a lot of topics to write on and ended up writing too much, just about Vegan-ism. There are many other things still bothering me but I'm too tired to write more. Perhaps you too must be tired reading the long post :) 

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  1. This isn't a long post.. well written and yeah turning vegan is good too ;) good luck for the contest

    1. Thank you... Now that I read it again it is just a small post. But while I was writing, I was not well- oxygen deprived so it just felt like I wrote a lot.

  2. well written and best of luck

  3. Very nice post....Loved after reading.
    Do visit my new blog

  4. Okay, now I might turn vegan after reading this. And, mind you, I'm a hardcore non-vegetarian!! :P

    can you please read & promte my post here? :)

    1. I'm glad to know the post made you give Vegan living a thought. :)

  5. i kinda of liked it idea..but quite difficult to live with it..though im a vegetarian but cant really give up cheese n chocolates!!Nicely written!!

    1. I'm glad you like the idea and once you grasp it, or understand it, nothing can stop you. Not even your love for cheese and chocolates :)

  6. Such a well written post and so true to nearly everyone's hearts!

    Firstly I didn't know the sanyasis found it easy to meditate due to lack of oxygen!

    And it's so so true, to be specific on what u ask for! The universe sometimes I feel, has selective hearing too!!

  7. guilty.. yes feeling guilty.. specially the honey part.. and that cute pig...
    but i need strong will power for that... the problem is i love all those products which i will have to give up... i love milk, cheese, ghee,honey an dof course all non veg stuff.. tough call...!!1
    ur mention of being soecific in prayer remind sme of something... i try to be very specific.. when i was a kid i used to think.. so many people are praying so god may get confiused so i used to be very specific.. mentioning my name and my das name etc sometimes... lol...!!!i still do that at times!!!!!just to be on teh safe side


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