Sunday, 26 February 2012


27th February 2012

We had planted two of the plantains of which one didn't survive re potting and we replaced it with a new one. The bigger one which survived has been growing well. We keep trimming it's leaves to Keep it from growing taller. So far the strategy has been working fine.

Plantain 1 January, 2012

Plantain 2 January, 2012

Monday, 20 February 2012


21st February 2012

Though we potted three of them last year, only two survived. We fertilized the soil with organic fertilizer and re-potted them into smaller pots.

CB-1 Jan 2012

CB-2 Jan 2012

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Mom's garden

As long as I can remember I've seen my mom planting Roses and Dahlias. My dad loves gardening too... The wide grin on their faces and the way their eyes brighten up just talking about the harvest the fresh Karela /Bitter gourd, Palak/ Spinach, Tomatoes etc from our own kitchen garden, is priceless.

When I was in school all I did was water the plants once in a while. I remember trying to grow coins and even salt. Probably, since the coins never gave me any money tree, and I found out that salt comes from the oceans I never bothered to grow anything apart from what was required for experiments in the laboratory until I got married.

I have a small terrace garden now but with barely a few floral plants-bougainvillea and the other one, I don't even know the names. Unlike me my Mum's garden is full of flowers. These are just a few pics I took when I was at home last month.


Saturday, 4 February 2012

Live life my way and you'll die with no regrets ;)

I got the link to this article through a friends facebook update. The article is based on the Blog post from the blog Inspiration and Chai. As I was typing to update my FB status with this link I realized it's almost as long as a post, so here I am writing a post.

The blog's name made me wonder if the author is into Yoga. The past few years that I've been into Yoga, I've come to realize that most foreigners who love Yoga love Chai too. Well I haven't read the blog enough to conclude if the author is a Yogi since she is a nurse I'm sure she is a Karma Yogi. This is getting off topic; let's get back to the death bed. ;)

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