Wednesday, 30 November 2011

# BWW- Vanilla Cake with Royal Icing

Vanilla Cake with Royal Icing

This is my first post for Black and White Wednesday - A Weekly Culinary Photo Event. I just started taking interest in photography and this event will challenge me to learn more.

I baked this cake for my husbands birthday, and this particular picture I found more attractive in Black and White than in Colour.

Friday, 11 November 2011

My Perfect Life

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I wake up every morning with the sunlight, lighting up my bedroom through my window; the sound of birds chirping reaches my ears and my eyes open up to watch the leaves swinging in the wind. The sweet smell of freshly baked bread and coffee boiling in the tea pot tickles my senses, as I get out of bed. After breakfast I sit down to read in my balcony which overlooks a land of blossoming flowers and the smell of freshly ploughed mud always brings a smile to my face. Each night as I go to sleep I can see the moon lighting up the sky through my window. I close my eyes wondering how lucky I am to have a relaxed and peaceful life.

Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Noooooooooooooooooooo.....

This is what I wished my life would be, not what it is. A typical day for me is one, where the music coming from the bedroom is like thunder and lightning over which the TV sounds like rain. A lot of loud noises is all I hear from the bedroom, over which my husband manages to call out to me. I find him sitting in front of the remaining pieces of a perfectly working radio scattered all over the floor. I sometimes wonder how he manages to create such a miracle, turning a perfectly working radio into a heap of junk. I ask him with a pitiful face, what he wants and as usual he is searching for the remote. What I wonder is, how in the hell is he watching TV and listening to music at the same time, maybe he has some special powers that I am not aware off. (Note to self... observe husband more thoroughly to find out his superpowers).

After all that, there is my father in law, who is very inquisitive to understand the working of each and everything. My god! How do I know how things work? I see an ON Button and an Off Button, nothing more.

When I finally sit down after all the questioning and after fulfilling all the request of my husband, I realize the dogs are barking and I need to feed them and bathe them. Sometimes I wish I had copies of me, to make things easier. Then there is the cooking, cleaning and watering the plants and so on, which will go on until I finally realise night crept up on me without me knowing about it.

When I finally get to bed, I wonder where all the time went, what all I missed on doing, what if I had a few hours extra. I close my eyes wondering what I would do those few hours.

I would love to learn pottery. I imagine myself sitting in front of the wheels spinning it around, dropping clay into the centre of the wheel, to mould it and to create beautiful pots and designs. It's like creating forms out of nothing, to mould clay with my fingers, feeling it growing into shapes, into a creation that I could display to the world. I love the calmness I get from creating objects and the peace I acquire from seeing the end product (Even if it is a hopelessly shapeless pot).






Too happy after creating my first pot
If only, I had two hours more, I am sure I would be enjoying life as a potter and my husband would end up crying because he would have to pay for all my classes.

Evil laugh at Ranjit, another course added to the list.

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