Saturday, 1 October 2011

This Journey is Fun!

Disclaimer: This might turn out to be a rather long post. it's under blah blah blah so I don't mind if you choose not to read. I understand, coz even I don't read the whole stuff, if it doesn't really interest me. The pictures are some random pictures I picked out of the road trip albums ( The Taj Mahal was shot by the tourist guide with a flare for photography and the Khajuraho Temple was shot by my Ranjit)  .

Ranjit and I got married in November 2009, since then I've been away from home, either it is the Yoga courses and my teaching commitments or Ranjit and I, are just visiting places and at times visiting people.
Taj Mahal, Agra
After a year away from home, I was craving to stay home for a while. After all, like most girls, I also dreamed of creating a beautiful home and garden, to be like regular families around. But as time passed and we continued our traveling, I felt at home, when we were on the road, driving. I got used to waking up in a new city every few days. Tasting new flavors everyday. Sometimes craving to go back to the place where I had that awesome pasta or Dal Makhni, or just driving home to mom to have her everyday dal, chawal and subzi.

Now I've been home for almost a month at a stretch. It would have been one and a half months, if we wouldn't have had a few small trips in between. Initially, I was happy as I needed this time to study (Health and Nutrition). I registered for the course in January, but never got much time to study and I have exams in June, seems like I still have plenty of time, but actually I don't, as I have commitments starting from January, and time just flies. In between all the studying and tending to my garden and Bonsai plants, I started this blog. Started reading many blogs which are an inspiration and motivation for me to start painting again, doing things, that I always loved doing, but the catch is, I have to stay home to do all this.
Betaab Valley, Kashmir
Khajuraho Temple, MP
Sunflower fields, On the way to Pune from Kohlapur
A part of me is missing the road really bad. I miss the drives, I miss searching for a place to sleep at night, and not finding any place decent enough, so sleeping off in the car. I miss how we pull ourselves together, to drive through the night, coz the Police won't let us park and sleep at places. I miss trying to keep the driver awake talking, singing, dozing off and snoring away to glory. I miss that night we got lost in the jungle, with no one to give us directions for miles together, (all because a police man gave us wrong directions, Thank God we got a GPS now). I miss the joy of finally reaching the place we booked for our stay, just coz I can finally use the toilet after a long wait. I miss every bit of it.
On the way from Kochi to Jog falls
Traveling has changed me in ways that nothing else could. The teachings of Yoga Philosophy of non- attachment and living in the present is easy to practice when you are traveling. When you see new places you are more alert, and embracing every bit of the beauty around you, that is why vacations are so refreshing. Though you enjoy the place, you never get attached too much coz you know, you will move on. 

I do not know what life has in store for me, but I'm ready to flow where ever it takes me, coz so far This Journey has been Fun!

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  1. Simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

  2. Lovely pics Anisha! Wow! Incredible India captured in those shots..

  3. nicely captured photos

  4. Hi Anisha,
    you have a lovely blog!
    thank you for stopping by mine... do come back for more recipes!

  5. Lovely pictures and wonderful write up Anisha. Thanks for stopping by my space.

    Event: Halloween Fiesta

  6. These are absolutely beautiful photos. I love the shot of the temple.

  7. Thank you Anisha for leaving such sweet comments on my blog.
    I went through some posts of yours, and you are someone with multiple talents :) Keep it going. Loved to read about your travel stories. We too saw these sunflower fields while traveling from mumbai to mahabaleshwar,last year.It was an incredible sight:)

  8. wow..Anisha..just love your post and lively writeup..
    have fun dear..n clikz are absolutely breathtaking..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  9. What a lovely write up! U guys sure had a ball!! The pics go so so aptly with ur writ up! They are stunning as well! Life is indeed a journeys, so am sure you'll find the ride enjoyable!! Thanks for linking in today!

  10. Wow! That's some post Anisha...when I came I just drooled over the pictures and was about to go ..then somehow I felt that I should read the complete post and I am glad I's beautifully written and I somehow feel that I understand the feeling with which you have written this :) ..looking forward to more from you :)

  11. Lovely fotos... Had a virtual tour!!

  12. Hi Anisha landed in your space while blog hopping and those photos stopped me to read more. Very beautifully written and those photos really made me feel that I was part of the trip. Do visit mine when time permits

  13. very beautiful photos! love my India! :)
    Kavi | Edible Entertainment


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