Wednesday, 12 October 2011

New Food Blog

It's been a few days I've been working on a separate blog. I decided to keep a different Food Blog, I have a number of reasons to do that
  • Out of 10 followers I have, 8 are food bloggers. Thank you guys to consider this site worth following. 
  • Food Blogging will keep me motivated to cook. Sounds weird, I know for most of you it is the other way around. 
  • Also I've been wanting to share the Nutrition stuff I'm studying. So it'll go well with Food Blogging.
Last but the most important reason for me to even consider food blogging an option is because of one of the Bloggers. I subscribed to Spicy chilly and Edible Garden  Food blogs, at a point where I didn't even know what blogging was all about. I loved checking out their pictures and recipes. Never really bothered to comment on any as I didn't really think it mattered. (Now that I blog, I guess a comment does matter)

Since this blog was created with the intention of just keeping records, and also sharing my life with family and friends, I blogged how to make Pizza base etc, with step by step recipe, it was actually me acting like one of the food bloggers. Never really had intention of sharing those. But as I was enjoying the process, I seriously started blogging recipes.

One fine day I got a comment on my Kalan recipe. To my surprise it was Bharathy who blogs at Spicy Chilly. I was so excited to know that she actually visited my blog. For me those two blogs were like out of my league. I wrote to her thanking her and letting her know how she made my day. And the same day I got a reply from her, with encouraging and kind words. I never expected that. I was really touched by the gesture.

Things I learned during the process of creating a new blog
  1. A gesture no matter how small, matters a lot to the person at the receiving end. 
  2. Adobe Photoshop is not so easy. I cannot learn it in a day or two. It needs patience or a loving husband who knows Photoshop. ;) to create a custom made header for your blog.
  3. Moving posts from the blog takes time unless you are actually moving the whole blog to a different domain. (And I thought of starting a new blog after having enough recipes)
  4. Well I knew this before but was reminded that if I learn CSS I could make my site look the way I want. I tried getting Ranjit on this one, but he said- "if I do everything for you when will you learn." So there are still few changes I'd love to do to the new blog which might happen sometime ( I seriously don't know if I'm ready to work that hard)
If you read so far without getting distracted, with all the links in between, please check out my new blog- Flavours. 

If you have been following this website just for the food part please join the other site, and you can stop following this one, if there is nothing interesting anymore.


  1. nice u start a new foodblog waiting for new dishes to comr

  2. welcome welcome! :D :D Check out my Healthy Lunch event if you can! and participate!
    Kavi | Edible Entertainment
    Ongoing event: Healthy Lunch Challenge


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