Friday, 9 September 2011

My first Musk Melon...

Yay... Good news, I had a baby muskmelon growing and the plant justwilted away , I was hoping to harvest it after it grows bigger, but I was stupid to expect them to grow bigger, when grown in small pots.  To my surprise the muskmelon was perfectly ripe when I cut it open.

It tasted awesome. Mehanat ka phal meetha hota hai. All the hard work was by Ranjit coz I just planted the seeds and left for Madurai, he took good care of them, and as he is barely eats any fruit, I got to enjoy the fruit of his hard work.  But I've already started growing more, and they've started flowering too.


  1. Me also going to plant muskmelon.I ordered seeds from eBay.I was searching in google about the musk melon planting in google,and reached in your blog.Cheers from Amal,Thrissur

    1. Hey Amal... good to know you are going to plant musk melons... I just used the seeds from the store bought musk melons to grow these... I grow almost everything like that...


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