Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Light Box

A month into blogging and I'm addicted. It's fun and a great learning experience. I've no natural talent for photography or writing, what the hell am I doing  here with a blog?

How I wish I could write beautifully, but that just seems like a very distant dream, I don't want to stress my little brain too much. I try to keep, the posts short but due to incessant chatter in my brain the post just keeps growing fat with words. It's photography that I decided to work on.

I have been most often asked, not to use the camera by my husband, brother and even a few friends. Seriously, I'm that bad, you can see that, don't you. A few pics might be just fine, but those are a few exceptions. The last post on Vegetable Fried Rice, I actually edited the pictures for the first time ever, so they might be, a bit better than the rest of the lot. That is because I've been reading up a bit.

One of the post's that I read, was about light box. I thought it would be great to have one, then I wouldn't have to bother too much about light, and cloudy days here, in Kerala. The project was on for the last week, but finished only today due to my laziness, a lot of reasons (I was supposed to buy the wires and CFL's as Ranjit can't drive for a while, due to a small accident). This was completely Ranjit's Project. He was actually excited to make this one as it required him to use his most prized possesions- Tools!

Two of the lamps were made using ply board, bulb holder and 18 Watts CFL. And you will need tools like the drilling machine, an electric wood saw, screws, nuts and bolts etc. Ranjit is a Tool man, he has a lot of stuff which I can't even name, But, being with him for just a year and a half,  I've learnt to use a few of them and I can fix a bunch of stuff on my own now. :)

Screwed up! ;)

 The first picture I took in the light box (unedited)

.Outdoors, on a sunny day (unedited)

The trouble with the sunlight is that I struggle with shadows. The camera I use is Canon SX120 IS. I've no clue what all it can do, I've just started reading the manual after one and half years of buying the camera.

You might want to read a bit before you start making your own light box. These are excellent tutorials, and some easy stuff about improving the quality of your pictures.


  1. Never knew making light box at home was this easy.. thanks for sharing...

  2. this is awesome...How did you put the light on top of the box...

  3. Hey Anisha, read your profile , very cute ! going to explore the blog now ...

  4. wow.. your light box looks nice and the picture of the teddy has come out beautiful.. thanks for sharing..

  5. @ Neha the light on top is a long stand lamp we already had at home. You can check out other options in the links given.

  6. wow...sooper cute..good try Anisha..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  7. Light box effect looks really good, I appreciate your enthusiasm and efforts.

  8. hey Anisha...good that you tried the cake and it came out well....You can definitely put it on your blog dear....just link my blog and give some acknowledgement....Thnx


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