Monday, 19 September 2011

DIY Wine bottle label

Homemade grape wine is a big hit amongst my family and friends. I had been planning to gift one bottle to a friend. Of course I have to make it look good, so here's what I did. And I just realised it is also recycling the wine bottle and the old visiting cards.

Things I used: 

  • Empty Wine bottle and cork, washed and sterilized
  • White paper A4 size
  • Poster Colour- Chrome yellow and black
  • Paint brushes 
  • Glue
  • Old visiting cards
  • Small piece of ribbon.
  • A pair of scissors
How I did it:

1. Take the A4 size paper and cut it into half lengthwise. And Lightly brush it using the poster colour.
2. Let it dry. Now use the black paint to draw something on it. I really didn't think too much and ended up with this.
3. While you let this dry. Join two of the visiting cards using glue so you get both sides as unprinted. Now paint one side and if you like you can draw something on it or write. I drew exactly the same thing on it.
wrap it around the bottle and stick it with glue.

 4. If you want you can round the edges of the card using scissors, and punch a hole at the top left. Use a thin ribbon to tie it to the neck of the bottle.

5. Fill in the wine, just till the beginning of the neck. And its ready to be gifted.

It just took me 30 minutes to finish this whole project. But if you have a lot of bottles to label then there are many print out verisons available on the internet.

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