Wednesday, 21 September 2011

DIY Pond

The space between the circular sit out and the drawing room was turned to a fish pond by Ranjit. I really love the utilization of the space and its fun to just sit there and watch the fishes. After we returned from our trip to Mysore/ Bangalore, we found the whole pond infested with more than a thousand tadpoles, small slimy black rounds with a tiny tail. They’d been feeding on from the scales of the fishes. It was surprisingly sad to see Angel babies to die. Surprising because it is very hard for the Angels to breed, sad as it was a very wrong timing when we were away. We could barely rescues four or five of the babies.

So we had to clean the whole pond inside out, and I got a chance to take pictures.

First, layer the floor with stones and pebbles. This helps the dirt and fish poop to settle in between and looks natural.
Arrange the tree trunks, pots and rocks (some of them on and around the tree trunks to hold them in place). Most of these things you’ll find in the back yard. The centerpiece was assembled clay pots that you find being sold on the roadside.

This is important. Place a few pots upside down and leaving space underneath to let the fishes in, this serves as a good place for them to lay eggs.

Finally place the plants, and start filling water and add the fishes. Add rock salt on a regular basis to keep the snails off the pond plants.

Gold Fish and Angel reaching out for food

Check out the ripples at the other end, that's coz we let the pipe drip a little water everyday for sometime, to keep the pond fresh.
PS: The last pic might look a lot different from the actual plan coz it was taken yesterday for the blog, the others were taken a while back.


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