Saturday, 17 September 2011

Bangle Box

I love bangles. But I use them only occasionally. Over the years I've got a good collection of them. But I find it hard store them. I've always considered buy bangle storage boxes but never found something light and easy. Last new year, my sister in law got me a gift pack from body shop. The box was really a strong one, which I converted to a bangle box a while ago.

It took me just half an hour to make the whole thing once I found the materials. I used PVC pipes covered with masking tape to hang the bangles and used some cardboard strips from shoe boxes to get the support for the pipes.I tried to find a tutorial on the Internet how to make one, to link to this post. Tough luck couldn't find one. Maybe when I make one more I'll take pictures of each step.

PS: Tutorial for Bangle box updated.


  1. Looks very nice...thanks for sharing...

  2. i love it.i have a box and u've given me the idea,such a lovely way to store the bangles that are lying around here and tehre :)

  3. hi there

    could you please explain how you make the bangle box please :-)

    1. I'm sorry for the delayed response... Check this tutorial...

      I hope this helps...


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