Tuesday, 30 August 2011

New Year Cake-2011

New Year Cake!

I’ve baked in the old round electric oven, in an OTG, a solar cooker, in the recent past in microwaves and this new year cake on the LPG gas stove by steaming. Its been a year since I got married, and all my attempts to impress my hubby with my baking skills had failed. After numerous ( seriously I’ve lost count) failed attempts, trying to get it right, I finally found out that the convection option in the microwave doesn’t work. So Ranjit suggested to wait till we get a new oven.

I just couldn’t get myself to wait, so I tried steam. Well, mum says I got lucky, I should have just used pressure cooker without water and the weight. I was baking to give it as a new year gift ( I did get a backup plum cake ), to our domestic help- Suja Chechi. She is indispensable, always there to help, never complains and never ever gossips- isn’t that awesome. So to show my gratitude I baked her a cake, which turned out to be the best looking cake I’ve ever made.

Yeah.. I’ve never really worked on the frosting and decoration so much before. You see, this time I had to prove to Ranjit that I can really bake and present it well too. The recipe for the frosting turned out to be awesome, with a little variation in the amount of butter-200gms instead of 455gms. The chocolate rose , I made was not edible as I didn’t have molding chocolate, and this was a failed attempt of making molding chocolate with drinking chocolate and flour-didn’t taste good at all and the size is too big for the cake. I just put it on the cake, it was the first decoration I ever made, no way i was going to throw it away. The cake recipe is of my own, which I don’t have proper measurements. So just follow any basic chocolate cake recipe and you are good to go.

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