Sunday, 28 August 2011

Fan Bookmark

I found this pattern on ravelry. I’ve made a bunch of them and luckily got a few pictures before I gave the last ones away. It is addictive and I’m looking forward to make many more. This is my kick start to thread crochet(which I thought was a tough one).


  1. HI, I found your blog via Ravelry. My husband and our two kids (7 & 2) are about to move to Panjal and I would love to hear any advice about what to bring craft wise (or anything else : }) I can't figure out if yarn is available or not...embroidery floss and other crafty things. I love you bookmarks...I am inspired to make them. Best amylou


  2. Hi Isha, these bookmarks are beautiful. I too feel like making them now. You are indeed talented. A neat job with the thread. Cheers!!!

  3. save a red book mark for me... :)love it!!!

  4. Thank you all for taking time to write.

    @Archana: I will sure keep the red one for you!


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