Sunday, 28 August 2011

Dates Palm

My husband, R just out of curiosity had sown some date seeds in a pot, long after he had forgotten about them, they sprouted. I decided to grow a few of them as Bonsai's. It is growing very slow. I hardly notice much difference in their height. Since we have quiet a few of them at hand, Date Palm Bonsai is worth a shot. The only Palm Bonsai I've ever seen was in Mysore Bonsai garden.

e picture above is motivation enough to keep working on the one below...

For the most part, a bonsai palm tree is easy to grow, whether from a starter or from seeds. Generally, this plant requires moderate lighting, cooler temperatures, and gentle care. They seldom have problems with insects, use standard houseplant soil, and when watered and fertilized correctly, will live for years, a great bonsai to pass down within the family. 

I got this information from the Internet which is all the more motivating!

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