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21st February 2012

Though we potted three of them last year, only two survived. We fertilized the soil with organic fertilizer and re-potted them into smaller pots.

CB-1 Jan 2012

CB-2 Jan 2012

27th August 2011

Living in Kerala- the land of coconuts.I could not, not think of trying my experiments on Coconut. It's just yesterday morning I read about how to start growing coconut from seed.

  • To select a coconut for germinating, choose a fallen nut in which you can hear water slosh when you shake it. Leave the husk on. Soak it in a pail of water for two or three days before planting.
  • Use a container atleast 10 inches deep and diameter large enough to hold the nut, filled with well drained potting soil mix.
  • Plant the coconut with the point attached to the tree facing upwards. About a third of the nut should be above the soil.
  • Water it regularly to keep the soil moist but not wet.
  • Now under ideal conditions it should germinate within 3months or else it might take upto 6months.
  • For the first year the coconut palm uses the nutrients from the nut and after that it responds to fertilizers as any other plant.

Well, that is the procedure to follow if you are not as lucky as me. We found  these three nuts in our backyard, which will grow to be Bonsai's one day,! (fingers crossed)

I planted all three of them, in pots. The soil mix contains- sand to make it easily draned, backyard soil and cow dung (its stinky, but its organic).

I really didn't need to add any sort of fertilizer like cowdung as, the growing palm will use nutrients only from its nut for the first year.

It is not very common to find a coconut Bonsai. After reading about it, I feel it is a big challenge. Though I've potted the nuts in normal pots, once they start growing and develop a good root structure, I will repot them into bonsai pots. Till then all I have to do is water them regularly.


  1. wow this is beautiful!such happiness to see life sprout out!

  2. Your new follower :) I love gardening!! :)

  3. Wow! It's really a pleasure to watch them grow.

  4. No bigger joy than to see a plant grow in front of our eyes! Wonderful work Anisha, they look beautiful! All the best with them :)

  5. its a great post Anisha..very interesting..:)
    very cool to see the tender sprout coming out ..!

    Tasty Appetite


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