Saturday, 27 August 2011


After loosing all my bonsai's to chemical fertilizers, I waited till I was sure I'm gonna be home for a while. Gardening and travelling are hard to juggle, especially if you travel like us, we start off with a weeks plan and end up travelling for over a month. This time we got lucky as it rained throughout and almost all plants survived. And looking at the overgrown plants I wished if I had planted a few plants for my Bonsai. After losing a few plants,I was over cautious.

Finally, last week I started with more Bonsai experiments. I've taken pictures, well they look not so beautiful now, but I'm sure they will start looking presentable in six months from now.
Bougainvillea-1 August,2011
This was the main plant I found growing near a pond, and I uprooted it and potted it a while back. Since it had been growing on the ground for, I don't really know, but I'm guessing an year, its trunk is thicker than the rest. and the leaves it has now are fresh new leaves which grew in just a weeks time. Amazing, Isn't it?

Bougainvillea-2 August, 2011
Bougainvillea-3 August, 2011
The above two were branches which grew roots, when I potted them 2months back. Since they too have roots they also started getting new leaves.

This time no chemical fertilizers. just pure organic fresh and stinking cow-dung!
10th October 2011

I've lost the third one to re-potting. The other two have survived very well as you can see in the picture below. I tried Googling for the name of the style with entwined branches, tough luck couldn't find anything like this. Maybe this might not really be the best idea for this but we decided to stick to it to see what we can make of it.
October, 2011

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