Saturday, 27 August 2011

Ficus Benjamina

In January I found this interesting Ficus Benjamina tree in my yard. It took tremendous amount of work to dig this out of the ground. But, I must say every bit of the effort was worth it. And it has survived the attack of the chemical fertilizer.
Ficus Benjamina Jan 2011
It has a intricate root system which attracted me to grow it as a bonsai. If you keep an open eye for bonsai around you, plants or even a good branch of a tree. Unlike, starting from a seed and waiting for years before you can even start working on the plant, it is motivating to start with such finds as you can see the result quickly and mould the plant as u like once it starts growing roots.
These pictures were taken in January,2011 and now after six months it has come a long way. I really have no clue how old this is but I guess at least 3-4years.
Ficus Benjamina August 2011
Interestingly, I saw an artificial Bonsai adorning my friends living room which looked quiet similar to this one.

That is the beginning of my bonsai experiments!!!

Monday, 19th September 2011

I just cut off most of the foliage so as to get growth on a lower height, which would cover the big cut that the tree has. I've taken pictures of all four angles. If you have any ideas, I'd be happy for some suggestions.

I tried counting the rings on the cut branch and its going beyond 20, is it possible its that old. Since its practically impossible to get the information on when it was planted, how will I decide on how old it is?


  1. Wow.......I soooo want to grow Bonsai and you have given a great idea. Now I'll keep my eyes open for this kind of plants/trees.
    By the way yours is beautiful.......


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