Saturday, 15 October 2011


15th October 2011

This not a bonsai style as far as I have read, but we would like to see what it results into. I'm really happy the way it is coming along, and it just flowered. There were buds coming up many times but it never bloomed, this is the first flower. So, finally I can be relaxed that it is in good health.


October, 2011

29th August 2011

I got this Adenium plant from the nursery last year. A week after re-potting the plant we found it was withering away, we checked the root to find that the root bulb was getting rotten, the reason still unknown, but I suspect over watering. we chopped off the rotten area of the root and replanted it. Surprisingly it survived, it even survived the chemical fertilizer episode. And in January it was all healthy.

The only work that I've done on it is chopping off the roots and I kept cutting off the new growth on top and the branches I didn't want to keep. After seeing a few Bonsai's with entwined branches at the Bonsai garden, R decided to try the technique on this plant. And we tied it together with a string. 

August, 2011

Entwined Branches
This is now officially the first of all my bonsai plants which have survived. Though it hasn't really grown much, but it withstood all the stupid mistakes I made, I really feel grateful every time I look at it.


  1. Hi Anisha!

    I came across your blog while hopping i think ;) and I like it, the passion you have can be seen from ur words. and it was so surprising, but i felt i was reading about myself :-) cos all of these are my interests too - gardening, crochet, baking, cooking, travelling :-) but i would love to know about bonsai, growing and stuff like that, hope u do a tutorial,
    I was an avid blogger from 2006 till 2010, now its stopped, and i dont write anymore for want of time - jugglin home, work, studies, ohter interests :(!
    Anyways, keep up the good work, I hope this comment will boost you up!

  2. and oopps, forgot, I have the same plant at home, waiting for the flower to bloom now, the harsh summer just got over here, and so waiting for the flowers

  3. Thank you Jay and Sham!

    Thanks a lot Sham for taking time to write, your comment is definetly a boost. I just realised it is not so easy to keep up blogging, especially if I'm travelling.

    I'm still a beginner with Bonsai, but I've considered tutorials as a few friends too asked me to do it. Once I'm home I'll start working on it.


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